Wharton Iron Mill becomes grain elevator.

This a build of the Wharton Iron Mill by N-scale Architect, however I will be changing it to a grain elevator , mill complex.
The contents of the box, I bought this 2nd hand and I'm not sure all of the parts are there, but that shouldn't be a problem.
Using templates provided I will be cutting out walls the next few days.
A few hours of cutting.
And some small cuts to break the monotony.
Cut through a plastic bottle to make a holder for A&I
Scale lumber given a wash of A&I
Windows and doors ready to prime.
Okay I'm not fast at this , but I did manage to cut out all the pieces ( I think ) in the weekend.
Adding bracing to the walls.
Starting some sub-assemblies.
More walls, more bracing.
Using a magnetic Jig and several weights to assemble another sub-structure.
To the left the jig with the last ( for now ) sub-structure , to the right the other sub-structures , given a wash of A&I and ready for painting.
Painted all the subs with Badger Model Flex Caboose Red, first time I used this paint. Definitely a nice paint for wood structures, goes on very smoothly and is translucent enough to give a lightly weathered effect with the A&I wash visible. The sub to the back right is the one in the jig on the last photo. The rest of the weathering and painting will be done later on.
Started weathering by using a small drill , scraping it along the underside of the boards.
A darker wash of A&I for the underside , and then another wash of A&I for the total structure.
Using green and gray powders to give it the worn wood look.
And completed by a dry brush with light gray acrylic paint.
Installed windows and doors today.
Started on the roof bases, this is my way of holding down sloped roofs using weights and plastic bags filled with ballast.
Some of the roofs installed, lots of angles and shapes.
Huge door for trucks, huge as in 3 cm's wide and 4 cm's high.
Some roofing done, tarpaper and corrugated metal.
Possible layout of the structure.
Some more roofing, shingles.
Putting together the main building.
And the side building.
The shed for unloading hoppers.
Some photo's of the finished structure on my layout , this is not where it will end up on my layout and further detailing will be done when it is installed on my layout.