Making Trees

I need lots and lots of trees, who doesn't? I made 3 different kinds today. This first one is bought with the clump foliage already on , all I did is spray with hairspray and add some other texture.
Then I took some of this fine sawdust.
Put glue on the trunk of the tree with a brush and sprinkled the sawdust on to make it kook like bark. All the trees I am making today are background trees so the deatil is good enough.
These I bought as ready made wire trees , I then spraypainted them black.
I mixed up several colors of flock in a large plastic container.
Dipped the trees into some white glue , just a bit diluted ( this to speed up the dripping off of excessive glue).
Then with the tree over the container lightly press the tree into a cupped hand of flock, then twisted and shook the tree a few times to get rid of the really loose flock.
These are a bag full of other basic trees , they are like the woodland scenics but don't stay folded in place like the WS ones do.
I just dip these in the white glue and also lightly press the flock on. Shake off loose flock.
Made 100 trees in about 1 1/2 hours, they are not ready yet, with hairspray I will put on a light layer of other foliage representing smaller leaves and toning down the colors at the same time.