N-scale Architect Rode-A-Way Transfer Company

Bought this off German ebay oem time ago for a very nice price, I believe the owner was a bit daunted by the kit , don't know why it's not a very hard kit to build.
Primed all the parts with a spray can.
Primed parts with the colors I will be using, Vallejo Air Intermediate Blue , Sand and Blue ( Blue is a very light sea blue ).
The stucco part of the building has been done with Lucas texture paste, and here are the airbrushed parts.
Assembling windows and doors.
Loading dock doors , there are 2 platforms for trains in the kit , my structure will be an affiliate of Mayflower Movers and only service trucks and vans.
Some bracing , just in case , although it's not needed for the airbrushed walls.
Assembling the walls.
Assembling the roofs.
Made a little jig for the corrugated roofing.
A piece of old cutting mat to make cutting easier. Important to change the blade every 20 or so cuts.
The pieces of corrugated roofing assembled , I used transfer tape.
A piece of L styrene as roof cap.
There are no strips to cover the corners , I made some out of the left over peel and stick trim and window sprue.
The roof after 4 different colors of weathering powder.
Some photo's of the finished building on the actual site of the layout, details , trucks and figures will follow.
Added some signs , and details.