N-scale Architect Somerville Junction

This is the build of N-Scale Architects Somerville Junction, later to be used at the Kansas City engine facilities.

The box.
The parts.
Some large resin castings and some white metal castings.
Wooden parts that will have to look like concrete ready for first coat of primer.
The castings washed with detergent and rinsed thoroughly ready for priming.
Some tests on leftover primed wood to determine what will look best as concrete. One is a thick layer of acrylic paint , one a layer of Lukas paste with texture, and two of them with Acrylic matt varnish in different thickness.
All 4 pieces after a layer of concrete paint from Floquil, the one treated with the thick layer of acrylic paint first looks best. It's the one at the lower left hand. The upper left hand one is with the Lukas paste , I think I accidentally hit the nail for concrete roads.
Putting pieces together that will paint easier afterward.
The platform for the coal bin assembly.
There are 2 railings in the kit that need to be bent, to do that soak them in water for about 15 minutes , then tape them to a bottle or cup with the same curve as the platform where these should fit to. After they have dried install and paint them.
Assembling the platform with railings.
And further assembly of the pillars for the coal bin.
I will be filling gaps with wood filler .
First wood filler applied.
After some sanding with an emery file.
Coat of Woodland Scenic Top Cover, I like it but not satisfied enough , so I am doing another filler - sanding - coat of paint.
Another part of the build after filler - sanding - paint.
The concrete parts after airbrushing Floquil Aged Concrete for the first time.
This is the platform build for the watertank, pretty straight forward except for one thing. The drawings in the manual are not correct.
Build it like most of you would do without reading the manual. Like in the following photo's.
Some rust done with oil paint and terpentine ( looks good but takes forever to dry ).
Added concrete feet and did some more weathering with powders.
Construction of the ashpit.
Unloading building and elevator.
The bin platform with foundation.
And walkway.
Some photo's of the assembled and weathered coal bin.