Suburban Housing

On this page I will have some mini build reports on suburban houses.

Branchline Trains Suburban House with Garage, a kit of an Aladdins Catalog house.
The parts.
Painted in different grays.
Assembling walls.
Windows and doors in place.
One of the locations where several suburban houses will be trackside.
A little powder and better lighting changes everything.
The next 2 houses will be the same house in different colors. These are the 110 2nd street houses from Republic Locomotive Works.
The parts for 1 house, a lot of parts for such a small building.
The walls for both painted, 1 light gray the other light sea blue, both from Tamiya.
Assembling the walls using a magnetic Jig
Painted the windows and doors and trim.
Walls assembled and floors installed in the interior.
Although the manual talks about peel and stick , the windows and doors don't have that, something that would have been a lot easier then gluing these very small parts.
Assembling shutters.
Installing window frames and shutters.
Finally , all doors , windows and shutters in place.
Rafters for the porch.
The porch assembled and roofed , ready to touch up.
Some photo's of the finished houses at the location on the layout.
This will be the barbershop just behind the row houses.