RSLaser Bain and Mitchell Wagon Co.

The box.
The Manual.
Some of the contents.
Some of the parts in the original box weren't quite right , so Rich sent me the correct parts , because these were in an envelop without any worth on it they arrived earlier then the box because of customs and VAT.
The decal sheet, when I first saw them I thought Rich had made a mistake and sent me the H0 decals, they are quite large for an N-scale structure.
Fitting some bracing, although I don't think it needs much.
Glued in place , removed most of the glue with a cotton swab I always keep at hand for this.
First 2 base walls in place.
Windows go into the base walls.
Peel and stick outer walls assembled, fit perfect.
Peel and stick from 3M left over night so it will stick better, I find that peel and stick will stick better and better over time , have never had any come loose after building only during fixing sometimes.
Easy peasy.
The kit doesn't have flooring , so I'm going to use some of my recently acquired Metcalfe cobblestones.
Cut out to fit the floor.
Now I wish I hadn't braced , but it will do.
Fixed with transfer tape, now for the walkways.
Using Metcalfe pavement for the walkways.
Cutting out the notches for the porch posts.
Pavement fitted and stuck on with transfer tape.
Looks good to me.
Used artists markers to do the insides of the walls , now to decide on an interior or not.
Doing the windows, I like that although Rich didn't have a photo of the other side of the building he decided to do a whole row of windows instead of just a blank wall. They sure would have needed the light to work.
The kit contains parts to make 2 wagons and spare parts , I have tried making one of these wagons before ( Rich sold them as a separate kit ) , not for me , just couldn't get a satisfying result. So I am going to use all the parts for an interior.
Beams added to the interior, although not in the manual , there's enough spare wood to make these.
Added a large carpenters table.
Made some shelves and trestles , different parts leaning against walls and beams.
Added little people and paint cans and other items. It's 1960 and the wee people wear company clothing. They still make some wagons for farmers and shows , but they also make parts for Amish Buggies, more on that later.
Good enough for N-scale , it's hard enough even looking through the windows so it doesn't need more detailing.
I wanted lighting in the structure , but not direct LED's , I wanted a box that would give some overall lighting without being to bright, so I cut out a part of the floor above.
Cut off a piece of thin milky white styrene.
Made a box with the cut out floor and some styrene. Stuck 3 LED's in a row to the box.
Glued the box to the somewhat larger piece of styrene.
Glued that to the floor with the hole in it.
And tested if the lighting was what I wanted , and I think it's exactly what I had in mind.
Next was assembling the posts of the porch, cut them from scale wood provided in the kit along with a small jig for the size.
Then it was time to assemble the Peel & Stick outer walls , everything fits perfect so this was an easy task.
So on with the roofing. There are printed corrugated roof sheets in the kit , each is a single piece so you put them on using transfer tape .
So I did the larger piece first and thought that had to be made to size to fit through the slit in the wall on one side , which has been done here. That was my mistake.
While fitting the smaller piece of roof base I found out that this wasn't large enough, and after looking in the box more seriously I found a small strip of roof with slots in it . Oooops , the smaller piece of roof and the strip together should have made the roof that goes through the wall.
I had already cut away the little beams in the slit of the wall , so I decided to just leave that roof as I had done it and make a new piece of roof for the other side . Here you can see me doing the last row of corrugated roofing on the piece of cardboard I used.
I then brightened down the printed paper as I had done with the Regal Cinema , used artists markers in various tones to blend and tone down . Later I will be using pastel chalks to even further brighten it down. I then glued the roof pieces in place.
Here is the roof before finishing it with a cap , you can see that I used moss green markers to simulate moss and fungus on the roof.
This is the other side it's a bit darker because the sun shines on the other side.
Roof cap on , next is trimming.
Assembled trim, then painted it.
Then assembled the cupola's, I glue on the cornerposts first , leaving them a bit too long.
Then when dry I cut off the excess post.
Getting them nice and square .
To glue them onto the roof I use a mix of white glue and black acrylic paint.
I put the mix on abundantly.
So that when i press the cupola on the roof it gets the tar lining I want.
Both cupola's on the roof.
Then I toned down the sides a bit using light gray pastel chalk, as suggested , this is before.
And this is after, when I look at the photo's I think before looked better , but that's the photo, to the eye the after looks better.
The spot I had in mind to place the structure turned out to be too small, now I am going to place it here in Clay Center.
More later when I do the scenery.