The Restaurant

This is RSLaserkits N-scale Zeldas B&B, it will be a restaurant on my layout. The contents are in a sealed bag, no box. Several parts are double.
The instructions are very clear and contain many colored pictures. I decided to follow it step by step to the letter.
There is no bracing included , maybe not necessary because the walls are rather thick, but I decided to brace anyway.
Painted in 3 different blues.
I pressed the windowsills ( they are like the windows and doors , peel and stick ) to a piece of tape to paint them, this had the advantage that when I plucked them off the peel went by itself.
Trims and sills placed.
Windows and roofdetails placed. Till now everything has gone well, everything fits ( only minor touch with a sanding stick to fit the large front windows), instructions are good, very crisp lasercuts.
Glueing the front to the floor piece, using the steel blocks and magnets this way was an Idea I got from
All the walls fixed , with black linnencardstock as see through blockers. All parts fit perfect. I did have to correct one thing, had to take away a part of the bracing on the back wall , otherwise the roof section will not fit.
This is what the front looks like before trim and painting the GEM.
Thanks to Rich from RSLaserkits for packaging the front and rear wall double. I made a kitchen and pantry for my restaurant out of those pieces.
This is what it will look like together, I also believe it is more in fashion with my layout era of 1960.
The front with trimming and painted GEM. The GEM is only about a 1/4 inch high, very delicate painting. These are the moments I really believe its worth it to buy some tools that seem relatively expensive sometimes. The brush I painted the GEM with cost me 6 euro , about 8 dollars, enough money for 20 brushes of the cheap kind, but this one is worth every euro, eventhough it hgas a real small size it will pick up enough paint to paint such small things without having to go over the same spot several times thus the possibility of screwing up is far smaller. I bought 2 of these brushes for painting N-scale figures and now very small details.
One of the other special Tools I had made are these modeling glasses, actually huge sunglass frame with reading ( +2,5 ) glasses installed by a friend optician.
First floor porch and rafters.
Fixing the first floor porch and rafters. Behind to the right is the glue I use for this, it glues wood , plastic almost anything porus too, its thin, so you can use very tiny amounts and it will still stick like crazy, only disadvantage it needs 20 minutes to cure, so has to be held firm for 20 minutes like in the picture.
Fixing the balcony and the porch roof.
The porch front is assembled.
Fixing the sides to the balcony.
The back stairs built and put in place.
Back and side view, chimney installed, there's a big fireplace inside the restaurant.
Front and left side view, the gentlemen enter behind the ladies.
Front and right side view without the kitchen.
Got the extra shingles for the porch.
Impressions of the finished ( so far ) building.
A little bit of photoshop
An AA-size battery for size comparison.
I'm not sure how I will place the shutters.
Shutters in place, I decided to go without the frames, they were just too delicate, almost impossible to get off of the backing without breaking them.
The restaurant on the layout in front of the mainline, with the elevators in the background.