Perplexing Puzzles Plus Station

This is a short thread on the build of Perplexing Puzzles Plus Station .

A small part of the Platform Wall wasn't lasercut correct , easy fix by cutting. The tabs left uncut to hold the pieces in place are like on the other PPP kits to thick , you really have to put pressure on the blade of your knife and be very careful at the same time. I would love to see these lasered so that there is only the smallest necessary tab left, almost none.
First a wash of A&I
Then some lightly painted Vallejo Maroon and Vallejo Brown
The roof with a third color Vallejo Tan and the walls with a dry-brush of Vallejo Ivory
Some of the color's I used on the roof , I also made this photo to see what my new camera and macro lens would do.
After 3 color's of paint.
Then with a wash of A&I to tie things together.
I decided that this would be a freight station , so I fit in these pieces of wood to make freight doors.
Windows assembled.
Freight doors assembled after A&I and a thin paint with Vallejo Wood
Glazing done with Glue 'n Glaze from Deluxe Materials , I like this better then Micro Klear , it gives a thinner glazing.
Freight doors from the other side.
Frames done on the doors and windows.
Making screen doors , the tulle is provided in the kit , what a nice touch.
Platform ceiling assembled.
And platform floor assembled.
Sidewalls assembled , paper pushed in between ceiling and floor to keep pressure while glue dries.
Back wall assembled.
Roof assembled.
Front view with roof on.
Same view with trim added on roof and walls.
More photo's of the finished freight station. I took a lot of photo's with my new camera , I did some with the macro lens and with a 18-55mm lens ( a bit further away from the object ) . The next few builds I will be experimenting with macro lens and more light and higher diaphragm, for just a bit deeper focus, and then maybe learn stacking.