Perplexing Puzzles Plus Fire Station

This is the build of Perplexing Puzzles Plus Fire Station .

The kits from Perplexing Puzzles Plus come in plastic sealed bags. I ordered several at a time and they were shipped in a well protected box.
These are the parts , the lasercutting is crisp and well done , 2 small points of critic , the wood used for the windows, doors and trim is a bit on the thick side , I'll show later when installing the windows, and the connections to the sprue are left to wide , so you have to use more force then you would like to cut parts off the sprue, I would lasercut right down to just having the part barely hanging on to the sprue.
The next 3 photo's show the walls in different stages of painting after I had primed them with a tan/gray primer from the rattle can. I chose for milder color's then the fire truck red shown in the manufacturers photo.
The assembled windows , as I said the wood used is a bit too thick , especially the frame sticks out of the wall a bit too much.
Windows assembled in the walls , It looks good to me , but with thinner material for the frames would look even better.
Arches for the doors.
Doors installed and glazing done , there is plastic glazing in the kit but I wanted to try out a new product I had bought , same principal as Micro Klear but thinner and the result looks better. The product is Glue 'n Glaze from Deluxe Materials
Assembling walls , very easy with the magnetic board.
Painted the chimneys.
Assembled signs and trim. There is a tower in the kit for on top of the roof , I left that away , but that is a matter of taste .
A couple of evenings fun and imho a nice addition to any N-scale layout.