Period Miniatures Combination Station

Photo on the box, I have no clue how old this kit is , black and white photo , not laser-cut and metal cast doors , windows and details.
Instructions are okay, they could use a few photo's or drawings more.
The parts are neatly packaged. As I said not laser-cut , if you make scans of the wood parts you could easily build one or two more of the same buildings , using other doors and such, these older kits are not much more then a scratchbuild.
Before cutting I tend to tape the backside with masking tape , it helps prevent cuts tearing or breaking and if this does happen it's easier to fix because the piece stays in place.
Cutting out doors and windows , I cut so that the openings are just a little smaller then the object is , then sanding them to a tight fit.
After cutting I started with bracing.
Bracing done.
First layer of D&RGW Tan color , closest color to RI tan.
3 layers done .
Fitting the doors and windows , they are primed , and will be painted Rock Island Maroon.
All the windows and doors done and glazed with Glue 'n Glaze form Deluxe Materials.
Started putting walls together.
Walls done and a bit of touch up done to the windows , it helps that the primer is 99% the same color as Rock Island Maroon.
Roof basing
Now for the bay windows
Shingled roofs and glued them down.
Painted the trimming Rock Island Maroon , I press my paint bottle in a piece of florists foam to minimize the chance of knocking it over.

Pictures of the finished model.