My first Hydrocal build.

Pattersons Hardware from Downtown Deco
The parts to this build.
The walls glued together using 5 minute 2 component epoxy.
After priming with grey spray paint, 3 light sprays, this is the first of several red paints, this first layer covers almost all the bricks.
Several reds and oranges later, most of them stippled on.
Large palet of reds and oranges.
Non brickwork painted with concrete and b;ack where windows are to be placed.
Windows painted antique white in place, notice the gaps . First time my camera has let me down a bit, I might have forgotten to use the macro setting.
Filled the gaps with what is called a haircrack filler, brush it into the gaps and then with a wettened q-tip remove what shouldn't be there.
The gaps filled.
Some drybrushing and powders.
Under the staircase would have been a bit darker because of moist and not cleaning there.