Mooney's Plumbing Emporium in N and H0 scale

For the first time I will be building the same kit in 2 different scales at the same time. 2 scales , 2 different sized boxes.
The N-scale parts. Tichy windows, less cast white-metal parts, and of course much smaller.
The H0 parts. Peel and stick windows and doors, more white-metal details
The same parts next to each other.
Bracing all the walls.
A & I wash, the wall that's done compared to it's holding part.
All the bracing done.
A dusting of gray primer from a rattle can.
Here you can see that is just a light spray and not really spray painting the walls.
Paint colors Pollyscale New Gravel Gray and Pollyscale Weyerhauser Green. This is where the HO build differs from the N-scale one for the first time. While I would call the H0 walls painted ( not a wet paint cover, but also not drybrushed ) the N-scale has to be drybrushed to get the weathered paint effect, and even then it's hard to not cover the N-scale walls.
You can clearly see that even though drybrushed the N-scale paint is more monotonous then the H0 scale paint job.
Spray can primer white for all the trims , cornerposts , windows and doors.
Going to do all the signs , windows and doors before I assemble any walls .
On the left the printed signs for the N-scale kit, H0 to the right.
An emery board to just very lightly sand the back of the printed signs, do this before you cut them.
Instead of putting glue on the sign I put glue on the wall , this was easy because the piece to be glued was bordered by the ends of the wood and exactly between the lines on the clapboard.
I like the red sign in N-scale better , unfortunately the H0 kit only has Black or White.
Some more signs, put glue to the signs and then stuck them on. The H0 kit has a dry transfer , somewhat easier to install then the glued signs, but maybe looks a bit too new.
All the signs on the walls installed. H0 left , N-scale right.
Did some more light sanding.
Wash with A&I.
The H0 kit has peel and stick windows and doors , the N-scale kit has Tichy windows and doors.
Glued on the cornerposts, with ends sticking out , then cut off the ends with a single razor blade.
Not easy to take a photo with one hand while holding the razor blade with the other. I did it to show how I lign up the blade against the wall and then cut flush, just by pressing the blade through the wood.
The walls of the office ready to install. Notice how the H0 kit even has hinges on the doors, something not possible on the N-scale kit.
2 of the walls of the main building, I think the signs look okay.
This is how I did the Tichy windows on the N-scale kit.
Press the wall onto the window and then paste with Micro Kristal Klear, this will hold the window in place and when dry leave a clear glass window.
All the walls done, there are differences in the 2 kits , I can't say I like one better then the other. Of course the detailing in the H0 windows and doors is better but one will only notice this from close by , from a scale 100 feet distance both will look good.
Assembling the walls , I keep them square by using a tray and magnets.
Main building in H0 and N
Office in H0 and N
Both have the same billboard made out of 4 pieces and a sticker sign.
Assembled they look like this.
Now for the water tower, The boards are a one piece laser cut with peel and stick. First you gently break all the boards along the lasercut lines , as you can see in the photo's I just bent them over a sharp edge until they snapped , watching out to not break the transfer tape.
Same thing for the N-scale one , using a metal ruler to hold it down exactly on the sharp edge.
Once I'd did all the boards , I peeled off the backing from the tape and gently pressing went around the provided dowels.
The H0 and N-scale next to each other, ready for painting and then steel bands.
Next I went on to the loading docks. First gluing the deck to the beams.
Then the supports.
Some crossbars still needed.
The roofing painted, metal roofing for the office , tarpaper for the main building.
Using plastic bags filled with ballast to hold the roofing down while glue sets.
To weather the roofs I used a product I have only just acquired, they are textured paints from Citadel from their Technical series. These are mainly used by Wargamers.
Main roof before weathering.
First a brush of Typhus Corrosion
Then a dry brush of Agrellan Earth
Same sequence for the H0 metal roof
And the N-scale roof.
Followed by Blackfire Earth
Then a sort of wash with the Nihilahk Oxide, I forgot to take a good photo , but if you look close you can see it on the left N-scale structure, the tarpaper roof I finished with a dry brush of Nurgles Rot. I then glued on the dormers.
While I waited for the dormers to set I went on with the water tanks. Painted a piece of black paper backed with transfer tape Tamiya Gun Metal
Cut 1mm strips from that.
And installed them to the H0 water tank. This didn't work out for the N-scale tank, more on that later.
This is the N-scale watertank, I used sewing thread to make the bands, everything else would be too thick.
Both watertanks to compare.
The roof of the H0 office after weathering with Citadel Technical paints.
The holes in the roofs are a bit too big for the chimneys so i hold them up like this until the glue sets.
Another roof , and deck installed.
The loading docks compared, only difference is the size.
Castings primed, started painting them today.