The Old Mill

RSLaserkits Keystone Mill
The boxcover, looks promising and challenging.
The contents.
16 page instructions.
A washing with A&I for the walls and board and battens.
First paint , a gray mix, dabbed on with a sponge.
Close up of board and battens.
Next layer, flat white, again dabbed on with sponge.
Close up.
Next layer , aged white , laso dabbed on with sponge.
Close up after the 4th layer, Titanium white , drybrushed on in vertical strokes.
Individual board and battens, sorted out to speeden up the next step.
Jig with the wall to be covered with board and battens, transfer tape seemed easier then glue to me.
First the boards.
Boards all done.
Boards cut off and windows and doors cut out.
Battens glued in place, although it doesn't show on the picture , there are several places where the glue ( I used very thin super phatic glue ) has left some shiny spots, I'll try a coat of Pollyscale Dust, that should take away the shine but leave the weathered look.
Various stages of board and batten construction.
Front and side wall glued to floorboard.
I like the doors and windows better without trim. The sliding doors I made out of the leftover boards.
Added more walls and floors.
I decided to paint the foundation today, and the shingles.
Several different browns, tans and grays.
Close up, still needs a bit of drybrushing.
The first shingleroofs placed.
The walls have been drybrushed with titanium white to hide the laser sides , doesn't have to be hidden all the way because it looks like weathered wood this way.
I put in a floor with a stack of sacks and some crates, workmen hauling the pallet of sacks and opening a crate before adding the main roof.
Close up
All but the tower roof placed.
Several pictures of the almost finished building, additional trims placed , roofs painted and weathered.
Next , to find a suitable building for an office and place on a diorama.
Some wood , some Tichy windows and doors, to make a side building
Putting it together.
Office and shed placed.
Base of the diorama for the mill, track is fixed with carpet tape, Dave Frary showed this on his Rail Channel Video.
First layers of grass, gravel and dirt layed.
Overview after more layers of grass and shrubs and vehicles and little people.
More detailed photos of the ( almost ) finished diorama.
I didn't like how the foundation seemed to hover, so I planted some grass along the bottom and by the posts of the docks.
Looks a lot better don't you think?