Meatpacking Plant and Dairy

One of the large industries I want on my layout is a meatpacking plant and dairy, I decided on building these using Walthers Modulars. Here you see a mountain of parts, you have to glue together a lot of parts to make a wall and it takes some time, the advantage however is that you can build almost any form of building you want.
First I drew the base of the buildings on a peace of cardboard , then I determined where doors ,windows etc. came and how many stories high the different walls would become and where flat and peeked roofs came.
I then lay out all the pieces of wall needed to build them, I took the pictures after I had already built several walls.
It all fits together easy and quick , but not all joints are as well fitted as I would like them.
Not very clear in the pictures but you do have to fill in lots of tiny openings between parts, although I do think the first layer of primer will cover up many of them.
Part of the building is up , I've decided to build the whole structure ( the walls ) before I paint it, normally I prime and paint the parts while on the spruces but with a structure this size and with so many individual parts I think this way around this time is best.
Another picture of part of the mainbuilding and the powerplant in the foreground.
The building in large pieces painted and put on a grey wash.
Another piece painted and with wash. The wash is done with an acrylic artists paint.
Putting together the pieces with black styreen set in to block the see through.
Same piece , different angle.
Now with the roof pieces in place.
The main building in total view.
Another angle , here you can see the massive look I wanted. You can also see the open door on the third floor where the stock ramp will lead to.Detailing the building will follow .
Placed the main building on the layout to see what it looks like at this site.
Sideview with a 44tonner and boxcar and 2 Armour refrigerator trucks.
Bridge over the liftout in the foreground, meatpacking plant in the back, I do believe i've managed to make it look massive enough although the real Armour plant is much larger.
I built the ramp from styrene.
Styrene tubing to make the concrete pillars.
The ramp from a different angle.
The ramp now has a corrugated roof, all theroofs have been deatailed , painted and weathered.
The picture was taken right after rusting the ramp-roof, it may have to be dull-coated, its a bit to orange if it stays like this after drying.