GC Laser Auction House

The package , imho a bit vulnerable for such a fragile kit.
The contents.
15 page instructions, no text except for a small bit on page 1 , very good drawings however.
I'll just follow the instructions building up sub assemblies.
GC uses a sort of paper/plastic to lasercut the finer things such as railings, this is one of the sides of the bleachers in the auction house.
And here they are attached to the sides of those bleachers.
I'm glad I have good tools and aids to work with, like the steel blocks and different kinds of good quality tweezers.
There are lots of fences to be made in this kit, seemed like it would be a bit tedious but found out it isn't. I started by numbering the sheets , yes the instructions have the numbers on them but this made it a bit easier to oversee.
Short and longer posts to be glued , if you look close you can see the markings where the posts are lined up with.
Do the fences while on the sheet.
Then cut out and voila.
These fences belong to a divider , the rest of the pictures show the build of that.
This last image is taken from about 1 1/2 foot, just to show that this will look good with 2 foot rule .
On with the loading ramps, leave them on the sheet for now , glue the posts guided by the markings.
Posts glued to the loading ramp sides and cut from the sheet.
There are 2 loading ramps , glue the floors into the slots of the sides and then glue both sides and floor together.
Both loading ramps and gates.
Gates mounted to the ramps.
The doors for the office consist of 4 parts.
Doors and windows placed in the office walls.
The ramps placed on the base.
Backside of the bleachers.
The office placed on the base.
One of the beam constructions.
Beam construction glued to the wall.
Total shot of where I am now.
More gates and fences.
The fence between the bleachers and the ring was so fragile I think I broke it by just looking at it, so i'll have to make one myself. At first I thought I would make it with brass rod, but the fact that it will hardly be visible doesn't justify spending the time soldering this tiny part. So I decided I would make it out of some styrene rod. In the middle of the photo the tiny holes the posts will be going into.
The rod , I get most styrene rod and embossed sheets from Slater's.
Posts cut with the chopper and glued into the holes.
First horizontal bar .
2nd bar , when the glue is dry I will cut off the ends sticking out.
At last all fences have posts glued to them.
And here you see some of the fences and gates in place.
Step by step , placing trusts , fences and gates, very nice kit , lots of work , don't start this one if you're the person that wants a kit finished in a few hours.
Getting to the end of fences, trusts and gates, just a few more to go.
Last trust, gate and fence placed.
First roof beam placed, glued one in place , turned the building 180 and then glued one on the other side whilst the other one was drying , and so on.
All roof beams except 2 that need to go on later ( this kit really needs you to follow the instructions, the numbers of the parts are the sequence).
To covering the floor , I needed sawdust , very fine sawdust, this is what I picked up around my radial saw.
This is how it looks after a go through a tea strainer.
And then through a panty hose 50 Den, I forgot to take a picture of the strained product, but it was to my likings.
First piece of the floor , very carefully brushed some white glue on the surface I wanted sawdust to stick. And then just shook on some sawdust and quickly shook off what wouldn't stick.
I was satisfied how that looked so I did the rest of the floor in the same manner.
When the floor was finished I realized I shoudl place my little people before I put on a roof, here all the little people have had their butts or feet dotted with Scenic accents Glue, you leave this to become clear and then it is sticky.
Some photo's of the little people and cows , have to get me some other animals and standing people, and a standing person with a microphone as an auctioneer.
Overview of where I am now.
Finally finished the GC Laser Auction house , because it's getting a new home, one of the members from Modeler's Forum wanted it ,I'm sendinmg it to him in exchange for a new kit and an additional kit which means I have more to build.