Grain Elevators

This is a kit for a farm supply and small elevator, this will become the older hardly used anymore elevator.
As you can see I made quite a few changes to the kit, I used some Tichy doors, laid a tar paper roof with beems to hold it down.
Still have to make a platform, and paint and weather it.
In the meantime I am also makeing a backdrop flat of the larger newer elevators.
Self made coorugated plates for the walls.
After priming with grey primer , this the first coat of white paint added.
There is also an eqipment shed, made of the leftover parts to the farm supply kit.
Painted and weathered farmsupply.
Piece of styrene as a base for the location of the farm supply and shed, glued to the base , then covered the space inbetween the structures with tan colored acrylic paint. While the paint is still wet I sift some sand onto it that I had colored with black pigment.
Some pictures of the result so far.
Weathered the elevators with AI and Pollyscale Rust , next a platform and the sprouts.
This is what it will look like on the layout.