Dubois Store and House

This is the build of Branchline Trains Dubois Store and House, for the town of Clay Center.

The box.
The usual contents of the box. There is an interior included.
2 main colors for the build , Badger Antique White and Polyscale SP Lettering Gray
Putting together walls and floors.
Painted the inside black for if I wanted to light the building. Antique White walls.
SP Lettering Gray windows , doors and trim.
Some of the many windows installed.
More windows , doors and trim installed , is it me or are there more of you that don't like doing the windows ?
Installed inner walls.
Primed interior resin castings.
Painted the interior castings.
And installed them.
Added some little people.
Prepped for lighting.
Installed the large windows and trim. Didn't fit as well as I am used to from Branchline.
Installing roof panels.
Tar paper and shingles provided in the kit.
I installed some lighting , have to fix some leaks.
The lighting isn't as bright as in the photo, the interior is very visible.
The other half of this build is of course the Dubois house.
The parts.
Primed and first coat painted , the greyish color is Vallejo Air Pale Blue Gray , I decided to brush paint it.
Little bit of jigsaw puzzling.
Assembling the roof bases.
Assembling all the details to the walls and porches.
Roof shingles are peel and stick pieces.
Finished assembling , did some weathering , but I still need to do some touch ups here and there. And I need a way to fix the bay window roof.