RSLaser Kit Courter Factory

RSLaser kit Courter Factory , for the town of Clay Center.

The box.
The contents, lots and lots of windows.
Lasercut brick walls look really good .
Lots of bracing , wood for this is included in the kit.
I believe there are more then 80 windows in this kit , each window consists of 4 pieces, I'm doing them 8-12 per evening.
Brick wall primed and spray painted brick red.
Windows , windows and more windows .
All the walls have windows and doors now.
Putting on the decals provided in the kit.
They didn't adhere too well on the brick walls , I decided to experiment , let them dry then applied a spray of matt varnish on them , that wrinkled them all up , so I thought I had wasted them, but after they dried up a bit I was able to rub them down with my fingers. On the photo I still have to rub the bottom left decals the others I have done , they look even better in real life then on this very much enlarged photo.
I assembled the loading dock roof before assembling the walls , used some transfer tape to glue down the roofing.
Note that a lot of the parts in the kit are very delicate , windows, rafters etc. I really like that Rich has spare parts for some of these delicate parts, OR I made some mistakes ;-)
Parts for the loading dock , yes the grid on that cutting mat is 1x1 cm.
Assembling walls.
Main building base and parting wall between the brick and wood parts of the structure.
Parting wall assembled to the base , my steel cubes to keep everything square.
Walls of the side building assembled.
Brick foundation assembled , fits perfect.
A small piece of bracing to keep the walls square and to make assembling to the main building easier.
Start of assembling the walls of main building.
Will have to touch up the corners with brick red.
Next up is the wooden part of the main building.
It all fits very well and just needs some glue to easy assemble.
When all the glue is dried and the main building is ready I put in some light blockers , just strips of black paper that I put in crosswise.
Side building , also with light blocker, assembled to the main building.
Roof bases assembled, I use a black marker to color the edges of these.
In between waiting for things to dry I built the large chimney.
The chimney consists of several parts and isn't the easiest part of this kit.
Slate roofing , lots of slate roofing , maybe even more tedious then the windows , but well worth the chore.
I use transfer tape to assemble the roofing, start at the bottom and work yourself up.
After about a half hour , it's time to do something else, roofing again tomorrow.
Glued together the brick and concrete stairs. Masked the parts of the stairs that will be concrete and then spray painted the brick parts.