Clay Center Rock island Station

Branchline Trains Canaan Union Station, will be Clay Center Rock Island Station on my layout.
The box, you can see that this is not your average size N-scale kit.
Instructions , partly in color , with some nice prototype info and easy to follow instructions.
All the parts , at first glance very intimidating , when I'm done we'll know if it's a hard kit to do.
Start by taping the base to a lazy sue , this will make it easy to work on the kit from all sides. Glue the 2 base pieces together.
The inner walls glued to the base and to each other , with masking tape to keep things tight while glue dries. The inner walls are peel and stick , make sure the P&S is facing outwards.
The base makes it easy to keep things square.
Outer walls with 2 sprays of white primer.
Outer walls painted Building Cream
Peel and stick the outer walls to the inner walls starting with the end walls.
Then the other walls.
Started assembling doors and windows , these are painted Rock Island Maroon, there's a lot of them.
The windows for the first floor , peel and stick , 1 long frame where the rest of the windows is stuck to.
I was afraid it would be hard to get the windows in the openings , but that went quite well.
Hard to see , but added a piece of trim on the top of the windows.
Some pictures of the progress with windows and doors. Each wall takes about 1 1/2 hours.
Straightened out the round windows as much as possible , and placed a black piece of paper inside the bay window.
A support for the roof.
Assembling the docks.
Assembled side walls and floors to the docks.
Slot and tab assembly of the sub roof plus overhang.
Inside of the tower painted black.
And the front panels painted black from the inside.
While the paint dries assembled the beams for the platform roof.
Front inner panels assembled, slot and tab so not hard to place.
Outside walls assembled , this took some more patience and fiddling.
Took a few days, but the tower has it's windows. The photo sure shows the little faults , glad they're not that visible in 1:1.
Spent about an hour on roof brackets , there are almost 70 of the small ones for the first floor roof.
Just to show the size , the building on the IKEA Lazy Susan with an AA Penlite Battery
Overhang roof parts with rafters.
My setup to keep them in place while the glue dries.
Main roof construction, had to cut little bits and pieces away to make it fit, but hardly worth mentioning.
The shingles are styrene sheets they have relief and are peel and stick.
They'll need a bit of sanding on the top edges , but I'll do that after painting and weathering and then add roof caps.
First some dry brushing with Tamiya Nato gray.
Added more grays to the roof and started tarpapering the overhang.
Added some powders , the shine is due to the dullcote I just sprayed on.