Lunde Studios City Bus Terminal

Box and contents.
Resin parts in color.
I will be painting some but not all parts , just weathering some of them.
Instructions with plenty of photographs , the signs are not decals , not a problem but maybe the BUS signs should have been decals. Don't think I will be using the Snailways signs.
Most of the parts are taped to the cardboard , I have no idea why these parts were hotglued , not handy.
First task , cutting and sanding off al the sprue parts.
Cutting out flash, easy because it is very thin.
First weathering of the base with AK Neutral Gray Wash
Started assembling the walls with the entrance, I used CA ( Superglue) to glue all parts.
Some parts had to be sanded to fit.
Inside windows assembled then glazed with provided plastic glazing.
The hotglue isn't easy to clean , and because this is a visible part it has to be done.
Painted the posts before cutting to size.
Sanded the roof until it fit.
Painting the roof with Engine Black
Both roofs painted. Next up painting the AC with Vallejo Egg Green.
The concrete tiles on the base were all the same color, so I painted the pedestrian walkways with Badger light grey primer, it's a translucent paint so it just changed the color slightly and gave it a flatter finish. On the left has been painted and even while still being a bit wet it gives a flatter finish.
The result is to my liking.
I used powders to dirty all the walls , from bottom to top to make the bottom of the walls slightly more dirty from rain splash.
I painted the vent system with Vallejo Duck Egg Green, exactly the same color as the resin AC unit in the kit.
On the left top corner you can see a square part, the kit has it there for a chimney , but if you look at the structure there can't be a chimney there, it's right on top of the space for unloading . Removing this part was not an option , so I will look and see if I can place a vent on top of it , that would make more sense above the unloading space.
As you can see in the next 2 photo's the roof is all black , too bland.
At Eurospoor I learned about Faber Castell crayons the Albrecht Durer type, they hold on plastic and resin until made wet then you can rub them off , while dry they will not rub off. I used these in a few different greys and browns to sort of dry brush the roof. It's difficult to see on the photo's but it really changed the roofs blandness.
Next up the Bus sign above the entrance.
The kit comes with Snailways signs, probably because of rights issues.I decided to make my own Greyhound signs and decals.
Some signs on the walls of the waiting area.
Signs for on the roof.
Some decals I made myself above the entrance and other signs added.
Checked out some options for lighting.
Took this photo in the complete dark to check for light leaks.
More photo's with interior and exterior lighting.