RSLaser Harris Door Manufacturing

The box.
This is a backdrop structure with a little depth , the main part is the front wall.
right away I had a small issue with the dormers , they are very vulnerable, I had to do something about that before they would break off.
I taped them with masking tape , and cut around the dormers.
This would be enough to keep them safe until the windows and the window frames were assembled, once those are in place the dormers won't be vulnerable.
The I braced the whole wall , leaving space for the horizontal bracing provided in the kit.
Then I spray paint the inside black.
Time to give the outer wall some color.
Some AK acrylics.
The board takes up paint so fast that I just held the bottle right next to my brush. Next time I will prime this material first.
Light Grey Brown is this color.
Then I got out my Faber Castell Albrecht Durer pencils .
Using a few red and orange and brown brick colors Icolored the brick part of the wall .
In this photo the wood part of the wall had also been done with Polly Scale Antique White.
Assembled windows , doors and window frames.
Assembled outer wall and inner frame to each other.
Assembled the base.
Next , the trim of the dormers , about 1 cm .
Assembled and then painted white.
Then using transfertape I fixed the roof sheets.
Cutting away all the overflow.
And fixing it to the rest of the structure.
Sticking corrugated steel to the staircase.
Adding some rust color's to the panels using artists markers.
The dock roof , will be done with tar paper roofing.
And weathered with Pan Pastels , I love the Pan Pastels , I'm afraid I won't be using my other powders much anymore , the Pan Pastels are much easier to apply and much cleaner.
Assembling the staircase to the main building.
Now for the roofs of the dormers.
Transfer tape and corrugated roof.
Glue with black paint mixed to make tar. And I assembled the dock's roof with the wire included in the kit.
The dock consists of laser cut frame and floor.
Attaching the floor to the frame , using a steel ruler to keep things flat.
Added some little people.
Some more details , the building will be Polansky Seed in Belleville Kansas so lots of sacks of seed .
I used AK Rust Streaks to give the rust streaks to the wall and the roof coming from the steel rods. It's an enamel paint that I brushed just a tiny streak down and then touched it with a small brush with white spirit which made it more of a wash.
This is where it will be placed on the layout.
Laid the extra spur , and the caulk is now drying , the curved turnout was easy to fit in and performed perfect with a Cobalt switch motor.
THe photo's on the layout were made with the last bit of sunlight coming into the room , no layout lighting. What I can clearly see is that the engine house needs an interior of some kind.