RSLaser 1st Bank

The contents.
Primed with gray primer from spray can.
Several sprays later so that the paint gets into the mortar lines somewhat, the brick walls are definitely more detailed then those from the Monster kits.
Decided on doing a different technique for the walls , using Faber Castell Albrecht Durer Water Color Pencils , these can also be used on plastic kits.
Several color's later. I hold the pencils almost horizontally to only color the surface of the bricks.
Then painted the lintels with Tamiya Medium Gray using a 3/0 synthetic brush , good quality so that even though it's very small it can pick up quite enough paint to do a lintel in one stroke.
Painted the base.
Doors and windows painted Poly Scale Aged White. This was the first coat did 2 more after this.
Painted the sidewalk Poly Scale Concrete , and glued on the paper flooring.
Inside wall painted Vallejo Mahogany , it doesn't shine like that in real life.
Then used the template to spray on the sign , I sprayed very lightly at least 6 times making sure it went on almost dry , but it still went wrong. This is when I started to peel off the template , it was sticky on one side.
And this is what it looked like after cleaning it up a bit, not so happy camper here , don't know what I did wrong and what I could have done to prevent it from bleeding. Next time I'll try another paint type and do it with an airbrush. Maybe Rich could include a small piece of wall in the kits for trying out first.
Well I gave it a wash of gray , I think the bricks even look better now , and I'll just say the sign was removed and they did a bad job on it , or I will add a canopy to hide it.
Mahogany wall in place.
And here's where I got into trouble again and don't know why , had to cut the piece with the booths and door , it would never have fit , maybe I turned the wall wrong side towards the front , but even then it would have been too wide, the piece in the middle cut out was a couple of mm's.
Stuck the door into place using a few bits of the peel and stick left over's.
Installed the back wall.
Then stuck the outer wall to the inner wall.
CA glued the LED to the ceiling
Outer front wall stuck to peel and stick inner wall.
Used 2 of my own chimney's , and weathered the roof.
Final photo's , although I do see some small mistakes that need tending to.