Monster Modelworks 3 Story Starter Kit

The Manual , the kit was not in a box but in a plastic bag.
The parts , all neatly sealed in the plastic bag.
Started by adding the corners to the walls .
Connecting walls , using the magnetic jig to get things perfectly square.
Made a small mistake on the corners , the corners of the back wall should be even with the side wall, fixed that by gluing a piece of corner on top, as you can see in the next photo.
Connected all the walls.
Next up roof supports.
Your own text on the sign .
Bracing and inner sides of wall above roof done , normally I do bracing and painting before I install the walls , but I held to the manual this time.
After a coat of primer gray from badger I did the walls with artists markers , I tried a small piece of the side wall first and liked what I saw. I used 4 different color's of markers , not sure if I will weather the walls a bit to blend it more or leave it this way.
I then painted the front lower wall , the shop , with Vallejo Air ( yes you can brush it on too ) Light Blue. I had already installed the frames for the doors and window , but that didn't look right so I took them out again, I'll do the doors and windows another way later.
Painted the window lintels Polly Scale Aged Concrete.
And the sign aged concrete as well.
Installed the thick acrylic window included in the kit , and a back wall of the shop.
Several shop interiors that I collected from the internet and printed on photo paper.
The doors and window are peel and stick , I stuck them to the acrylic glazing and then painted the acrylic glazing around the doors and windows the same color , that created a much better looking frame then the one provided in the kit. Paint color of the doors and windows Vallejo Air Pale Blue .
N-scale windows , it's hard to love them , even when they look this good.
Had to sand off the sides of each and every one to get a nice tight fit.
Some nice coloured curtains.
Painted the roof gray and while still wet scraped some powder from chalks on it.
Then some dullcoat.
And some more powders.
Wall plates or ring beams ( what's the correct name ) installed.
Awning made of lasercut wood.
Installed to the front wall.
First painted with Vallejo Primer White then some Vallejo Desert Dust Wash
Final photo's with a wash of AK Medium Grimy Gray